Too Many Images

Too little Time

Smart software for automation of the photo culling

Photo culling using artificial intelligence: photo shoot organized automatically
Automation of the workflow before the post-processing. Photo culling software using artificial intelligence

Automation Before Post-Processing

Futura Photo helps the photographer before starting the post-processing steps.

AI for automation of the photo culling process

Similar Images

Group similar images together and propose to discard most of them. Post process only the best ones per group.

Over or under exposed images

Detect images wrongly exposed, and those with significant burnt  or clipped parts.

Acutance too low on images

Detect images poorly focused, or suffering from major motion blur. The acutance tests can also be applied to blurred faces on images.


When the  photographer shoots on purpose with both RAW and JPG files, detect which file will be needed for the editing process and which one can be discarded or archived.

Eyes Closed

Detect images with human faces having their eyes closed.

More Automation proposed before the photo editing process


Detect images part of panoramas and move them in a dedicated folder.

Time Lapse

Detect images members of a time lapse and group them in a dedicated folder.
Can align the images when shaked by wind or for other reasons.


Detect Videos and group them together in a dedicated folder.
Can detect short videos needed for tests and discard or archive them automatically.