Wind can shake the tripod, or some time lapses can be shot hand-helded. In both cases, the images must be aligned before creating the time lapse. And most video software are struggling to stabilize such a video done specifically from still images.

There are different ways to align time lapse members. Camera Futura has developped two applications for that purpose: Futura Photo and Futura Time Lapse.

One of the features of Futura Photo is to let the photographer achieving this, but when all you need is a tool to easily align them, it is very difficult to achieve it in a simpler way than Futura Time Lapse.

Just select your source and destination folders, where the images aligned will be saved, click start, and Voila!, after some minutes of hard work done only by the computer, the alignment job will be completed.

Hand held camera, with a 500mm lens. Time Lapse of downtown Geneva, Switzerland

Same time lapse members, aligned with Futura Time Lapse

Futura Time Lapse benefits:

Automated alignment of JPEG files

No need to configure the software or understand how aligning images works

Try it !

Futura Time Lapse Community Edition

Futura Time Lapse 1.0.1

(Free version for Windows 10 and 11)