Long story short: we, photographers, shoot too many images.

Sometimes, there is nothing wrong doing it. But for many photographers, it is way too much time consuming and bothersome to make the triage manually.

More generally speaking, there is a clear lack of automation of different steps that a photographer must accomplish before starting to really process the images.

It is not only about culling, it is more an holistic approach which would fit the various needs and workflows of photographers.

Futura Photo helps the photographer during the very first steps of the images’ workflow, before starting to add metadata, tags and before editing the images themselves.

It applies rules to the images to streamline the post-processing of the photo session.

Identify images which have low if any value (badly exposed, not well focused, duplicates of other images, …)

Identify and group images to move them to a dedicated directory ( time lapses images, panorama members, videos …)

Futura Photo in action, in 2 minutes

Futura Photo embeds a set of customizable rules. Each photographer is able to configure them like needed and can enable/disable them.

Introduction to Futura Photo

The company has also developed a stand-alone application, Futura Time Lapse, to align time lapse members, like in Futura Photo but in a simpler way, just in three clicks.

Long Range Time Lapse stabilized with Futura Time Lapse

Long Range Time Lapse , not stabilized on a windy day

Interested to know more ?

You will find more videos about the product, its features and how it will bring value to a photographer on the "tutorials" section of the website.