Product overview

Futura Photo is a pre-process software for photographer.

It helps us during the very first steps, before starting to add metadata, tags and before processing the images themselves.

Basically, it does two main things:

  1. It identifies “poor” images  which have low if any value (badly exposed, not well focused, duplicates of other images, …)
  2. It identifies time lapses images, panorama members and move them to a dedicated directory to help the photographer processing them in further steps.

Indeed, we don’t believe a software can pick the best image. We believe a software can discard poor or “useless” images.

Futura Photo embeds a set of customizable rules. Each photographer is able to configure them like needed and can enable/disable them.

Introduction to Futura Photo

Interested to know more ?

You will find more videos about the product, its features and how it will bring value to a photographer on the “tutorials” section of the website.