Version 2.9

Release date: December the 7th, 2021 

The release has been mostly focused at improving the alignment of images during a time lapse and as creating a new and more streamlined workflow.

  • New features:
    • New Workflow implemented
    • Customized sub-folder automatically created when user is asking for it on Destination directory
  • Improvements of existing rules and features:
    • Better Time Lapse alignment: rule improved for different cases
    • Manual Time Lapse rule v2.0 with several major improvements added
    • Configure menu redesigned
  • Bugs fixed:
    • Some Panoramic images directly ingested into FP could cause the application crashing
    • Scenario 4 after for applying results was not deleting failed images in source directory
    • After an analysis, when closing the application without exiting it through the main menu (like closing the window), starting again the same analysis was not delivering any relevant result.
    • When source and destination alike was checked, wrong window was opened before the analysis started
    • Fixed the bug with the photoviewer and the left/right arrows

Version 2.8.3

Release date: October the 20th, 2021 

The release has been mostly focused at fixing bugs.

  • Improvements of existing rules and features:
    • Added tags to images that have passed all tests, including the successful duplicates members.
  • Bugs fixed:
    • Application was crashing when user was selecting a directory with no access authorized to it or one of it sub-directories.
    • Scenario "2" message was misleading when trying to view folders after applying the analysis results
    • When Destination and source folders are alike and if the user was unchecking this option, it was possible to select no destination folder, hence making the application crashing when trying to move files to a directory that does not exists.
    • When the user was repeating the same analysis on the same files, the application might crashed in some corner cases.
    • Fixed bug when upgrading to a newer version
    • Some DNG files was wrongly detected as false positive failing to pass the test "resolution too low"
    • Metadata were not available when analysing directory including images in sub-directories
    • Fixed bug when analysing directory including images in sub-directories causing false positive on acutance tests
    • Fixed bug when shooting RAW + Monochrome in Portrait mode


Version 2.8.2

Release date:  October the 13th, 2021

The release has been mostly focused at fixing bugs and improving user experience on "Check Results" Window.

  • New feature:
    • Number of images per rule is now displayed on the "Check Results" Window
  • Improvements of existing rules and features:
    • New models for "Eyes Closed" rule with much better accuracy
    • Time estimated to perform the analysis now depends on CPU performances
  • Bugs fixed:
    • When all rules were disabled, enabling all rules was not working with Acutance Tests
    • Some corner cases during the new duplicate rule processing were crashing the application
    • In some cases, sets with RAW files .ORF or .ARW files could make the application crashing


Version 2.8.1

Release date: September the 27th, 2021

The release has been mostly focused at user experience with "Check Results Window" and at improving existing rules.

  • Improvements of existing rules and features:
    • With Screen using the minimum resolution, it is no more needed to move the dialog window for chosing a folder
    • New Button added on the "Apply Results" Window to let the user just going back to the "Check Results" step
    • Changed default view in "Check Results" to avoid confusion with some photoshoots
    • Duplicates successful members are now part of "Pass images" in the "Check Results" window
    • Duplicates rule significantly improved in terms of False Negative rate, and are ordered by Date Taken
  • Bugs fixed:
    • Clicking on the "View Folders" Button was possible whilst files were being moved to their destination or archive folders, causing the application to crash
    • Fixed critical bug that whas generating occasionally all images to be rejected through sharpness tests
    • Right click on an image followed by an action like "P", "D" or "K" was crashing the application
    • Shortcut "F" was not working to open the photo viewer
    • Bug fix for some panoramas made of more than a few images
    • Some shoots with no images having successfully passed tests could crash the application


Version 2.8

Release date: September the 14th, 2021

The release has been mostly focused at improving existing rules

  • New features:
    • Reporting progress when applying results to files in the Windows Task Bar
  • Improvements of existing rules and features:
    • Faster Metadata fetching
    • Better RAW+Jpg False Positive rate
    • Better Panorama Rule with less False Negative
    • Faster Duplicate Rule
    • User can now save instantly current configuration as default, and it is now easier to reuse sets already saved
  • Bugs fixed:
    • Fixed some inconsistencies in the reporting of progress done during the analysis
    • When several Time Lapses have been created, the Check Results Window could crash
    • Fixed bug in RAW+Jpg Rule when user was wanted to discard either all Jpg or all Raw files
    • Fixed bug when user was re-enabling acutance rule after having disabled it

Version 2.7.1

Release date: June the 24th, 2021

  • Improvements of existing rules and features:
    • Improved Overclipping rule with RAW files (less false negative)
  • Bugs fixed:
    • Bug fixed on some corner cases for acutance measurement on blurred faces
    • Bug fixed when testing RAW+JPG rule enabled with the new Acutance measurement methods
    • The window "Check Results" was not opening on the right screen when using several monitors
    • When culling 500+ images, video assets could make the software crashing occasionally
    • When using RAW, bug fix on new rules Overclipping and Over/Under exposure tests
    • With some portraits RAW files, a bug has been fixed when enabling the new acutance rules
    • Bug fixed when checking the Raw + Jpg rule results

Version 2.7

Release date: June the 9th, 2021

The release has been mostly focused at improving the user experience (1) and improving existing rules  (2).

In details:

  • New features:
    • Zooming enabled to check accuracy in the photo viewer.
    • Main shooting metadata available in the photo gallery
  • Improvements of existing rules and features:
    • Better progress report bar
    • Faster Previews loading
    • Images that have passed all tests are now moved to a dedicated folder
    • Better "Over/Under Exposed Rule" for JPG files from "False Positive" perspective
    • "Over/Under Exposed Rule" is now taking advantage of the RAW Files actual dynamic range
    • Better "Overclipping Rule" for JPG files from "False Negative" perspective
    • "Overclipping Rule" is now taking advantage of the RAW Files actual dynamic range
    • Acutance rule enhanced by new sub-rules with better motion blur detection and less false negative for out-of-focus images
    • Faster alignment of time lapse members
  • Bugs fixed:
    • Closing Analysis from top Menu whereas no project was loaded was crashing the application
    • Bug fixed with .ORF RAW files generating exception
    • Bug fixed with .ORF RAW files with human faces
    • Alignment of low contrast time lapses members was always failing

Release date: April the 26th, 2021

The release has been mostly focused at improving existing rules.

In details:

  • New features:
    • Support .ORF Files (Olympus RAW files)
  • Improvements of existing rules and features:
    • Faster and better eyes closed rule
    • Improved rule Panoramas with some corner cases
    • User can now work simultaneously with both windows "Main Gallery" and "Check Results Window" to cull images faster
  • Bugs fixed:
    • Photo viewer is always using the biggest JPG preview file available with RAW files
    • No more series with only one member for the rule Duplicates
    • Fixed corner case returning false negative with the rule Over/Under Exposed

Release date:  March the 18th, 2021

No versions 2.3 or 2.4 will be released: this new release 2.5 is indeed almost a major release.

It is focusing mainly on 3 pillars:

  • Improvements of performances when using RAW files,
  • New rules face-centric (Eyes closed detection, Blurriness of Faces)
  • New rule RAW + JPG using machine learning and artificial intelligence

In details:

  • New features:
    • Tutorial
    • Detection of images with people having eyes closed
    • Development of a new rule discarding all people looking straight at the camera with Eyes Closed
    • Manage Raw + Jpg by discarding the one useless
  • Improvements of existing rules and features:
    • New Configuration Rules Manager
    • Change colours' label
    • New UI for the rules' management
    • Improve Duplicate Rules with faces (considering blurriness on human faces)
    • Improve Acutance Rule (discard blurred faces)
    • Image gallery now frozen on purpose until the end of the analysis
    • Extended and more accurate Progress bar
    • Low resolution rule faster with RAW Files
  • Bugs fixed:
    • Remove Top Menu: fix "Performances" - Deprecated feature
    • Improve FN ratio on Duplicates
    • Configure menu now updates current configuration as expected
    • Fixed orientation bug with RAW files when using the photo viewer
    • Fixed bug with Time Lapse done thanks to RAW files wrongly copied as JPG

Version 2.2.1

Release date:   November the 5th, 2020

  • Improvements of existing rules and features:
    • Faster analysis when performing only Time Lapse analysis
    • Clarification of how save strategy works
  • Bugs fixed:
    • Bugs when analysing DNG files
    • Bug with Portrait images on the gallery and with the photo viewer
    • Bug when no rules was selected
    • Wrong sorting by date taken tag in some cases


Version 2.2 

Release date:  October the 16th, 2020

  • New features:
    • Support of Raw files format .CR3 and .DNG
  • Improvements of existing rules and features:
    • Faster Images Gallery
    • User can switch with mouse wheel from one image to another in the viewer
    • Better cancellation process when chosing the save strategy
  • Bugs fixed:
    • Portraits images are now displayed vertically
    • Time Lapse images were not moved properly when auto-aligned was on but no alignment was needed
    • Relaunching the same analysis after cancelling it could crash the application
    • Fixed "Confirmation Files Actions" typos
    • Fixed misc. Bugs when manually enforcing rules decisions
    • Fixed Bugs after rules configured
    • Fixed bug when source and destination folders alike



Release date: June the 23rd, 2020.

  • New features:
    • Multiple selection of images for manual assignment "Keep" or "Discard" or "Panorama members"
    • Manual selection of images to assign them as Time Lapse Members
    • Time lapse auto-detection if alignment is needed
    • Auto-alignment of time lapse members for "manually added" members (like selfies, growing crops, drones views each week and so on)


  • Improvements of existing rules and features:
    • Panorama Rule: Better FP ratio thanks to improved algorithm on conditional tests
    • Duplicate Rule: Far better FP ratio thanks to improved algorithm on series
    • Improved Duplicate Visualization to facilitate decision on which member to keep
    • Improve Top Menu "Configuration Rules"


  • Bugs fixed:
    • Acutance FP on RAW files
    • Time estimated rounded properly
    • Misc. Bugs on "Check Results" windows
    • Dummy Video Thumbnails on some video files
    • Current and default folders configurations

Release date: June the 3rd, 2020.

  • New features:
    • Time Lapse 2.0 with:
      • Auto-align option
      • Major shake if auto-align On option
    • Smart View 1.0 for checking results before applying them

  • Improvements:
    • Image Gallery 2.0 with:
      • Live update on time based filtering at run time
      • Virtualized collection for browsing galleries of hundreds+ images
    • Panoramas 2.0 with:
      • Better detection
      • Less False positives thanks to new algorithm
    • Improved acutance method:
      • SNR Calculation method 1.1 with:
        • Luminance-adjusted measure
        • Faster method to calculate SNR
    • Improved Duplicate method:
      • Improved form detector 1.1
      • New algorithm to detect Series 2.0
      • Changing the rationale similar / very similar to make it more consistent and more useful
    • New Photo Viewer 2.0 with:
      • Fast loading for RAW images
      • Left and right arrows

Release date: November the 14th, 2019.

  • Basic Tests on image min. size,
  • Time Lapse Members automatically detected,
  • Clipped or burnt images detected,
  •  Over/underexposed images detected,
  • Acutance tests (motion blur and out-of-focus),
  • Panorama members detected,
  • Too short videos files flagged and archived automatically,
  • Series of Duplicates identified.