The Pain

Long story short: we, photographers, shoot too many images.

Sometimes, there is nothing wrong doing it.

That’s not the point: if we keep all of them whereas most of them are useless, they are drawbacks well known to photographers. But for many photographers, it is way too much time consuming and bothersome to make the triage manually.

More generally speaking, there is a clear lack of automation of different steps that a photographer must accomplish before starting to really process the images.

It is not only about culling, it is more an holistic approach which would fit the various needs and workflows of photographers.

The Cure

Camera Futura develops and commercializes software to streamline the automation of these steps through its  flagship product: Futura Photo.

The company has also developed a stand-alone application, Futura Time Lapse, to align time lapse members, like in Futura Photo but in a simpler way, just in three clicks.

How we work with other software

The overall idea is not to be a “me too”, but to be complementary to what already exists.

There are overlaps, that’s inevitable and we can compete with existing ones. That said, the product roadmap is giving the priority to complementarity.

We understand this means Camera futura does not believe that much in the principle of a one-stop-shop for photographers.

This principle looks appealing to many but, for Camera Futura, this is synonym of too much compromises. That’s why we believe photographers will continue to use different tools.

We are more interested in inter-operability to fit the specific needs of each photographer.